Meet Last Chair Customs Creator

Zachery Finger

Zack grew up in Poland, Maine with a love for all things winter! He moved to Colorado in the winter of 2011 for a new adventure. Through his passion for winter sports and his background in metal fabrication, Last Chair Customs was born. 
“I had built just about everything there is in the metal fabrication industry. Then I decided I wanted to start building things that I wanted”

Tilly Monster

If you have been into our shop you have most likely met Tilly! She loves treats, laying in the sun, leg licking and seeing all her friends. Of course, all of her friends happen to all be human. If you come in during the winter you might be lucky enough to see her in her Carhartt jacket!

Tilly and Zack are truly the dream team. 
Come by and see us soon!


If you love skiing and admire old ski lifts, let us help you achieve your vision.

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